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One Side Tells You To Work Harder, The Other To Unplug — Who’s Right?

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In The World Of Personal Growth —

You’re Told To Pick One Side.

On one hand, you can be a hard-charging, type A, ambitious person who does a nine-step morning ritual before 7 AM and blares Gary Vee on your commute.
You can be a grounded, spiritually inclined person who spends plenty of time in “being” and listens to Abraham Hicks aligning chakras with your true North.
Stuck in the middle, which do you pick!?
Talk about a dilemma, because guess what:
We need both for high performance and deep fulfillment.
In other words, a life well-lived.
Otherwise, we become the burned-out Hustler who’s obsessively chasing new goals only to feel empty —or the Seeker who’s gone to seven personal growth retreats...with nothing to show for it.
No, thank you.

Hustlers & Seekers is designed to help you answer three key questions:

  • How do you know when to step on the gas or let go?
  • ​How do you chase a vision without being desperate?
  • How can you be grateful today while wanting more?
Ultimately, you’ll discover a new sweet spot between both worlds without FOMO, guilt, or like you’re doing it wrong.

Unleash Your Inner Hustler and Seeker

You’ll be able to create your own sweet spot as you unleash your inner Hustler while honoring your inner Seeker so you can:

Perform at the top of your game
but shut it off
Strive towards your dreams
but love right now
Achieve results
but not be beholden to them
Pursue a dream
but love the process to get ‘there’
Show up as your best self
then unplug and detach

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Tommy Baker

Tommy Baker is a writer, action philosopher, and self-proclaimed taco enthusiast who some have called “annoyingly” positive. He’s coached, trained, and taught thousands of clients within his Resist Average Academy programs and popular iTunes podcast.

He’s the author of several books, including The Leap of Your Life: How to Redefine Risk, Quit Waiting for ‘Someday,’ and Live Boldly and The 1% Rule: How to Fall in Love with the Process and Achieve Your Wildest Dreams.

His work has been featured on Entrepreneur, Influencive, Forbes, Tiny Buddha, Project Life Mastery, and more. In his downtime, you can find him on top of Camelback Mountain in Scottsdale, Arizona.

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